Sight Screening

Sight Screening


Lions_Cycling_LogoLions will be sponsoring early childhood vision screening utilizing state-of-the-art technology with the support of trained doctors and Lions for many years to come.

Lion’s will be able to screen all children in all grades from pre-school right through to high school. With Spot the Lion’s will be able to this in a short amount of time.

Our screening uses Spot technology. Designed to work easily with toddlers, kids and adults. Spot provides reliable data in seconds.  This technology quickly detects anindication of the following visual issues:


•Near-sightedness (myopia)

•Far-sightedness (hyperopia)

•Unequal refractive power (anisometropia)

•Blurred vision, eye structure problem (astigmatism)

•Pupil size deviations (anisocoria)

•Eye misalignment


In just seconds, we can have a comprehensive, reliable analysis that enables informed decision making about the need for follow-up care.


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