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The PACCE 3 DAY WALK is an endurance-type athletic event. The more prepared you are, the better experience you will have.

This training program is geared to increase cardiovascular fitness and muscular endurance over 15 weeks. However, this schedule is offered only as a guideline. The key is to listen to your body.


If you are new to walking you will want to build up your mileage at a more moderate pace that outlined below in order to avoid fatigue and/or injury. If you feel pain during or after a training session then you have probably done too much and should stop training and rest for a week or adjust the program to better suit your capability. If you can’t fit the entire walking schedule into your week, try to do as much as you can.

One strategy for fitting long mileage into your schedule is to divide the walking mileage into two sessions per day. The important thing is to increase your mileage safely. It is also important to taper off the intensity of your training as you near the end of the training program. Tapering is one of the most important aspects of training, especially intense training, as it allows your body to gear down and rest, but keeps it moving enough to be well prepared for the event. Many walkers are inclined to ignore the taper and continue with hard training prior to an event. This is not wise! Your overall strength and performance, risk of injury, etc. will be much better if you adhere to the tapering period.


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Training Program

Easy = 2-3 miles an hour on flat surfaces

Moderate= 3-4 miles an hour or beach walking

CROSS-TRAINING is essential to increase your muscle strength and endurance while decreasing the risk of overuse injuries. Any activity that increases your heart rate and involves using your whole body qualifies. Be creative!

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