Fundraising Made Easy


In addition to taking part in this event, participants are asked to raise a minimum of $500 each for the cause. This is not a requirement in order to take part, but simply a contribution to the cause.  Raising that much money might sound like a huge undertaking but can be very simple and easy. We encourage each participant to involve as many individuals in helping them raise the necessary funds as possible. Some walkers may choose to self fund while others will seek the help of others.

Our primary goal is to create an awareness of the disease and encourage people to have regular checks done and seek treatment as needed. Our secondary goal is to be able to help individuals who find it difficult to afford exams or treatment. We recommend and have provided sponsor sheets for participants to use to help them reach their targets, and to help keep track of support given. Each person contacted about this event guarantees that the message is being shared with others. You’ll be amazed at how generously people will give. You are, after all, doing something big (45 miles! 3 days!).

You Can Do It!

On average, you can expect approximately $25 from each donor, so the minimum goal can be reached with just 20 donors or less. So don’t worry about being an experienced fundraiser. The hardest step is making that first ask.

Many walkers reach their fundraising goals just by sending emails to everyone in their address book. Facebook and other social media can be used to spread the word and to encourage contributions. There is strength in numbers, especially when it comes to fundraising. Form or join a team and you’ll have plenty of support to organize fundraising events or ask for corporate donations.

Click here to download the PACCE Donation Form

Resources Include:

Fundraising “The PACCE 3-Day Way”

Fundraising “The 3-Day Way” is a method, and a mindset, that has worked for thousands of walkers. We teach you how to “ask big” in a way that makes fundraising easier than you ever thought it could be.

Write an Email or Letter Campaign

Many walkers reach their fundraising goals just by sending emails to everyone in their address book. Yard sales, car washes, bake sales and other similar events can be considered.