Delano Hislop

Lion Past President Charles Delano Hislop


January 31, 1942 – January 7, 2011


Delano became a member of the Lions Club of Grand Cayman in 1973, just a few months after it was chartered.  He served the club and community with passion, dedication and unmatched fervor for about twenty years.  During this time, he served in many posts, including Lion Tamer, Director, Vice President and President for the year 1983 – 1984.



In the year that he served as President, there was an increase in membership and attendance at meetings, and also members’ participation in community projects and fundraisers.  Delano set out to raise funds to build the Lions Pool that had been planned for a few years.  There were many successful fundraisers for the year, but the biggest and best was the very first “BENZARAMA” which was held in June 1984.  Tanya Tucker was the entertainer for the evening and that was the beginning of a long list of famous country music entertainers who performed for the Lions.  In those days, for the Club to raise $75,000 net proceeds from one function was unheard of, but this was done on Delano’s watch, and it set a benchmark for years to come.  That fundraiser was really what made the Lions Pool become a reality.  Many children have benefitted from this project.


Delano received many awards over the years, which included at club level, “Lion of the Year”, in 1986.  Also from Lions International, he received “Club President’s Award” for 1983-1984, in recognition of achieving a net gain of two members or more.    In 1986, he received the International President’s Certificate of Appreciation for Humanitarian Services.  Perhaps the one he was most proud of was when he became the first person in the Club to become a “Melvin Jones Fellow” for dedicated humanitarian services.  This award came from the Lions Club International Foundation.

In September 2009, Delano was diagnosed with colon cancer, which was already at Stage 4.  He underwent surgery in October and started chemotherapy in November.  He was treated with every chemo drug that is used to treat colon cancer, but the drugs had little effect as the cancer was already too advanced.  Despite a very positive attitude, his body weakened and lost its battle with cancer just sixteen months after diagnosis.  Delano passed away on January 7th, 2011, three weeks prior to his sixty-ninth birthday.


A Message From Delano’s Wife – Lady Lion Helen Hislop

Delano had regular medical check-ups but had never had a colonoscopy.  Perhaps if he had done so, the outcome of his illness might have been quite different.  During his illness, he showed great courage and strength; the same way he had done all of his life.  When friends and family came to visit, he begged them to go and have a colonoscopy, if they hadn’t already done so.  He didn’t want them to end up the way he had.

I know that Delano would be happy to know that the Lions are starting this awareness program for men’s health.  To all men, I encourage you to go out and be tested, because no matter how big and tough a man might be, cancer can destroy his life.