What is the 3-Day?

What is PACCE?


If you’ve just heard about PACCE you might be asking yourself… “What is PACCE exactly?” PACCE is an Acronym for Prostate and Colon Cancer Event, an event launched by the Lions Club of Grand Cayman, and is the headline name for The Delano Hislop Memorial 3 Day journey for life.  This life-changing journey will be many things to many people, but generally it is about enabling us as a community to remember those who have passed away, support those who are battling the disease and honour those who have survived. Below are the basic facts on how the event works and what you’ll be doing as a 3-Day walker.

It’s a 3-Day, 45-mile event.

Starting on Saturday 5th July, you will walk approximately 15 miles each day until you reach the Closing Ceremony on  Monday 7th July.

It’s a community.

During the walk members of the community will be helping to marshal the event and ensure the safety of our walkers, while also providing moral support.  Each day’s walk will end at the Lions Community Centre where each walker will be welcomed back with refreshments and some “cooling down” events.

It’s a fundraising event.

Each participant is required to pay a CI$50 registration fee in order to participate, and is also asked to raise as much funds as possible, using our donation form with CI$500 being the minimum target. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to get $500 in sponsorship and we are here to help you every step of the way with tips and tools. The money raised will help fund awareness as well as support for victims and survivors in Cayman.

It’s a celebration too…

PACCE is about raising money to battle a serious illness, but we will make it FUN and a reason to celebrate.

It’s bold.

No other cancer event in Cayman asks you to walk as far or raise as much money as PACCE.  This is about stopping the talk and taking action.  And 3 days of walking is nothing compared to the battle of a cancer victim.  It is simply the boldest thing you can do in the fight against cancer.

email us at pace@candw.ky